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Giclée by Mark Davies

You Have No Power Over Me - Paper Embellished

You Have No Power Over Me - Paper Embellished

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Subject: Icons

Medium: Giclée

Number in Edition: 10

Size: 61 x 81 cm

Framed Size: 80 x 100 cm

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Mark Davies

During his fine art studies, British Mixed Media Artist Mark Davies became heavily influenced by the compositional qualities of Piero Della Francesca and Giuseppe Arcimboldo, whilst at the same time finding inspiration in Surrealism and notably the work of Salvador Dali. These early influences took Mark on a journey that ultimately led him to the creation of artwork with complex and multi-layered narratives; re-imagined by a new storyteller, as he breathed new life into age-old tales and cult films.

Mark’s signature ‘Storyteller’ collection showcases his ability to conceive and implement his own unique narrative into cherished fairy tales and classical fictional stories to stunning effect. Inspired by the eloquence of Hans Christian Andersen and ingenuity of the Grimm Brothers, a whole host of much-loved stories have been turned on their head. Each chapter has been re-written as Mark embraces the often much more sinister plot and motives of the original authors; ideas that most people are not aware of as these classics have been re-told through the generations and the darker tones have fallen away.

As well as creating mesmerizing imagery full of detail, there has always been a subtle and genuine moral aspect to the work which is designed to make the viewer think a little deeper. Mark’s imagery creates such a wonderful interaction between artist and audience, as each scan the detail and piece together the plot. Viewers gain an insight into Mark’s thinking, whilst being encouraged to offer their own interpretation of what they see or often what they do not see within the image. This genuine engagement has played a significant part in Mark’s success and intensified the strength of devotion of his collectors.

As the body of work has grown so has Mark’s reputation for creating art with genuine meaning, art that stands on its own merit and that is driven by a fascinating multi-layered narrative like no other. His skill of storytelling has expanded across many areas including cult film classics, as he renders his signature style across a range of subjects and genres, and no matter what the subject of the work it embraces nostalgia and cherishes memories that we hold dear. Mark’s success has seen his work exhibited in iconic venues, including the London Playhouse and Fortune Theatre in the West End, and in highly distinguished London galleries.