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Figurative Prints and Sculptures

The Figurative Prints and Sculptures in our range are by some of today’s most celebrated Figurative artists. Some artists we feature include Jack Vettriano and Tony Hinchliffe.

More about Figurative Art

The term Figurative describes artworks that have a solid reference to recognisable things in the real world. Styles of Figurative Artwork can vary significantly, from photorealism to abstract.

The twentieth century was a period when much experimentation took place within the art world. The use of figure and form within art underwent a dramatic change from the traditional to accepting the more representational.

Figurative art allows for an element of stylisation, thus allowing the artist to use the subject matter to reflect his or her ideas of beauty.

The figurative style tends to stress the importance of shape, structure and perspective and emphasises colour, tone, light and shade to represent the real.

Figurative Prints and Sculptures

Modern Figurative Prints and Sculptures can embody:

  • classical paintings,
  • drawings of the figure,
  • They can even be influenced by contemporary illustration and graphics.

Modern Figurative Prints and Sculptures often merge themes and techniques to create something unique.

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