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Acrylic by Paul McIntyre

View Over Manhattan

View Over Manhattan

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Subject: Cityscapes

Medium: Acrylic

Number in Edition: 1

Size: 76 x 101 cm

Framed Size: 87 x 112 cm

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Paul McIntyre

Painting with an uninhibited vigour and freedom, Paul McIntyre’s paintings vibrate with life, energy and colour. Depicting a radiant world of cityscapes, his vibrant palette, loose formal structure and unique vocabulary of street signs, city traffic and people, make his work both instantly recognisable and utterly irresistible.

His work is characterised by style and technique, whether he is painting cities or focusing upon a stunning bridge. Each composition explores the structures of city life; whilst the buildings might define its physical presence, “it is the traffic, human activity and noise that can breathe life into any urban centre…it is not only the architectural composition of a city, but also the depictions of the ‘hustle and bustle’ within the city life experience. All are important aspects of the presentation”.

When Paul is not in the studio, he is constantly out with his sketchpad taking impressions and notes that cross his mind whilst travelling and exhibiting. It helps him to see the development of ideas through sketches.

“From this sketchpad I can see that I bounce around the same ideas and have the same intentions for my paintings all the time, even though I may not know it at the time. My works of art are visions of thought. A combination of emotions are reflected in my paintings. Art is such an important part of my life, because, for me, there are still a lot of things to discover and learn”.