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Mixed Media by Ewa Czarniecka

Vibrant City Life

Vibrant City Life

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Subject: Cityscapes

Medium: Mixed Media

Number in Edition: 1

Size: 61 x 81 cm

Framed Size: 88 x 108 cm

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Ewa Czarniecka

Ewa Czarniecka is a Polish born Artist from the small South-Eastern village of Krasiczyn. Naturally one of her early influences was the work of Bronislow Linke which she first discovered aged 13, when she would try and mimic his artwork to recreate the overwhelming feeling she felt to see it for the first time.

For years Ewa used pen and paper to express her thoughts, spending hours everyday writing in a journal. When she started painting again as an adult, she discovered a clarity and an ability to articulate her ideas much more clearly. Ewa finally had a medium where she could communicate all of the little details that she observed from the world around her, often focusing on that flicker of light, dappled shade or the pattern your eye can see but a camera would miss.

Ewas work lies somewhere between Abstract and Impressionism, gesturing at shapes and figures while capturing light and reflections with loose brush strokes. Her work is often heavily textured with bright colours and demonstrates fantastic depth.<br />
Ewa enjoys the creativity of playing with what people can see. She strives to capture the feeling in that moment rather than the literal reality, for her this is a massively liberating and emotional experience.

Moving from Poland to London was a vital part of Ewas career as an artist, she found the perfect environment to sell her work. On Bayswater Road in Hyde Park, every Sunday Artists would line the streets displaying their paintings for sale. Eventually, as work became more popular, selling countrywide, she wanted to focus on her work without the distraction of Londons hustle and bustle, Ewa and her husband made the move to the Welsh Brecon Beacons, a much more relaxed and familiar surrounding.