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by AKA Sauce

Baby Bluey VI (Blue Mini)

Baby Bluey VI (Blue Mini)

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Subject: Sculpture


Number in Edition: 1

Size: 31 x 10 x 5 cm

Framed Size: 31 x 10 x 5 cm

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AKA Sauce

The artist AKA Sauce has been producing three-dimensional art for over 20 years. With a desire to innovate, his work is not confined by the restraints of either material or media and consequently Sauce has become a leader in pioneering contemporary three-dimensional art, with his work commissioned and collected around the world.

Sauce has worked in all mediums including porcelain, resin, glass, steel, bronze, marble, wood, and fibreglass. Often engaged as a ghost-writer to renowned artists, Sauce creates and develops sculptures which have been inspired by their two-dimensional art, bringing them to life in a three-dimensional form. Widely travelled and exhibited; Sauce has found inspiration all around the world and has an impressive reputation in the Asia and the Middle East art markets. In 2018, Sauce was invited by Jackie Chan to open the action movie star’s restored Pavilion in Anhui Province, China. Previously, his work had been showcased at a prestigious recycling art exhibition curated by Jackie Chan at the International Convention Centre in Shanghai. Sauce has in fact worked with numerous film stars and celebrities, and installed sculptures on movie sets, in prestigious hotels and large shopping malls.

With a serious health condition, which he recently overcame, Sauce’s artwork has become more optimistic and playful, with colour and “fun” being key elements of his creations: A collection of brightly coloured resin ‘balloon dogs’ was swiftly followed by brightly coloured acrylic ‘jelly babies’. His personal experiences have inspired bolder and more exciting work and led to a commission to produce a monumental balloon dog outside a mixed property-retail development in Shanghai. He is now exploring digital technology and using methods of scaling larger sculptures in mixed materials.