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Television and Film Prints

The Television and Film prints in our range are by some of today’s most talented figurative artists. Some of the artists in our range working within the style of television and film art include Sannib, Scott Tetlow, Illuminati Neon and Ben Jeffery.

More about Television and Film Artworks

Television and film art refers directly to its subjects. While not an actual genre of painting per se, for as long as we have had television and film idols, we have had artists drawn to create representations of them in various media and collectors and fans eager to display them on their walls.

Modern Television and Film Prints

The style and media used in TV and Film Prints are as vast and varied as their subjects themselves; however, one commonly used style is pop art. Pop art revolted against the current norms and traditions to produce work that reflected young artist's feelings about the society of the time, and iconic images of the rich and famous can be found amongst their work.

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