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Humour and Naive Prints

 The Humour and Naive Prints in our range are by some of today’s most celebrated artists. Some artists we feature include: Dale BowenLeigh Lambert and Francisco Bartus.

More about Humour/ Naive Art

Naive is an almost childlike style in the simplicity of its representations and the technique used for their creation. Artists working in this genre are thought to be without formal training while, in fact, this is rarely true. Naive art is now taught in academies, with the style being represented in museums and galleries around the world.

Naive art is a basic form of human expression, and celebration of the ordinary. The style records its subjects and everyday events in such a way that the images are not challenging, in addition to provoking an empathetic response in the viewer.

The genre is essentially the opposite of the abstract style, which generally does precisely the opposite.

Humour and Naive art is a style that exists purely to create pleasure or enjoyment. Naive art often uses skewed perspectives, uneven shapes, patterns and bold colours regardless of composition.

Modern Humour and Naive Prints

Naive Prints have become much more popular over the past few years, with many people choosing their quirky and simplistic nature to brighten up spaces. These are artworks that are deceptively simple, timeless and universal in their appeal.

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