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Floral and Still Life Prints

The Floral and Still Life Prints in our range are by some of today’s most talented artists.

Some Floral and Still Life artists we feature include Kimberley Harris, Daisy Clayton, Leanne Christie and Lisa Pang.

More about Floral and Still Life Art

Still-life artwork can refer to the depiction of a wide array of natural objects or those that are man-made. Commonly cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, fish, game or wine, or indeed any combination of these. Essentially anything that does not move or is no longer living can be considered a suitable subject.

Still-life subjects may be painted as a celebration of their beauty or their own merits and their ability to provoke pleasure in the viewer.

Floral artworks can include botanical Illustrations, abstract watercolours and even graphic contemporary pieces.

Modern Floral and Still Life Prints

In modern art, it is worth noting that still life is often utilised as an attractive ‘neutral’ or control to form a basis for more complex experimentation. Our collection of floral prints are guaranteed to brighten your home; there’s a floral art print to suit any room.

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