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Seascape and Marine Prints

The Seascape and Marine prints in our range are from some of the most Landscape artists of today. Some of the artists we feature include David Taylor, Alison Johnson and more.

More about Seascapes and Marine Art

Seascape art would be considered the oceanic equivalent of the urban-based cityscape or their ever-popular well-known cousin, the landscape painting, but instead depicting a view of either the sea or the coastline. Marine art concerns itself with all subjects, maritime, vessels and seafarers both.

Images of the sea and the vessels and people who travel upon it are timeless and mesmerising in quality. While the styles of portrayal may change with the passing centuries, the subject remains constant and eternal.

Modern Seascapes and Marine Prints

The focus of marine art gradually changed from images of warships to an appreciation of the ocean’s natural beauty. The style began to move in the direction of seascape paintings and prints that we recognise today.

While the genre is as popular as ever, well-known locations, particularly those featuring famous landmarks, are always especially desirable and often serve as a reminder to collectors of time well spent by the sea.

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