Collection: Abstract

Abstract Prints and Sculptures

The Abstract Prints and Sculptures in our range are by some of today’s most talented Abstract Artists.

More about Abstract Art

Abstract Art tends to demand more from the viewer than more traditional styles of artwork. The looser interpretation of the subject matter allows for a more personal and emotional response to the artwork. It has its roots in the twentieth century, and its beginning brought a new way of thinking about art.

Abstract art conveys concepts you won’t find in physical or visual reality. Artists who create Abstract artworks freely use colour, shape, and form to represent the world they see, leaving their intents open to the viewer’s interpretation. 

Modern Abstract Prints

Abstract Prints have become a trend in recent years, with many interior designers choosing to include them in their designs. A great Abstract Print often makes for a bold statement piece, drawing the eye wherever it hangs. Whether you’re looking for artwork to brighten a space or bring a pop of colour, we’ve got something for everyone in our Abstract collection.

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